Software Release G82C100

RF2K-S SW G82C100 Release information and upgrade procedure

We would like to inform you that we released G82C100 which you can online upgrade starting today.

With this release we completed all promised features and even more.
Some of the already implemented features we’ll be revisited and improved in the future.
We’ll not stop making the RF2K one of the most advanced amplifier.

Release features:

  • Implemented Cross needle display
    You can switch between the displays just touch the power reading area

  • Implemented Contest Display.
    Contest Display can be selected in Menu Display Type.

    You can size the display with VNC to a much smaller area of your PC display
    and still have the most important information visible.
    You might change your VNC Scaling to your needs

  • Implemented display parameter in in Linux config.sys
    This should fix the issue with black screen after booting up the amp

  • Implemented Tuner Off on a per band base
    You can now select on which band you like to use the build in tuner on a per band base.

    This way you don’t have to store bypass for any given band you don’t need the tuner.
    The RF-KIT Logo is displayed in the Tuner area clearly indicating that the tuner is of.

  • Implemented Band Data output on the DB-15 connector

  • Minor bug fixing

Upgrade procedure:

Due to some changes in the Linux system you need to reboot the RF2K-S twice.
Just follow the instruction on the display.

What’s next?

  • TCI interface Integration together with SUNSDR
    Go all IP.
  • +++++

Have fun

Vy73 de DH3NAB

Reinhard and team

News 15. March 2021

Product Availability Notice: RF-KIT RF2K-S Amplifier


Effective immediately, the RF-KIT RF2K-S, 1,500 Watt Power Amplifier will no longer be available for purchase through DX Engineering, Inc.

General product sales and technical support is available at RF-KIT POWER AMPLIFIER.

Product sales and technical support for USA and Canada is available through:


Island Amplifier BEKO USA

Island Amplifier USA

John Stanford, KF6I
1260 Vina Del Mar Ave.
Placentia, CA  92870

(714) 412-7399

wb8svn @

Technical support will also continue to be provided by RF-KIT POWER AMPLIFIER.



Reinhard Förtsch
Heuleithe 14
91322 Gräfenberg

Phone: +49 (0) 9192 - 99 66 89
info @


Customers who have purchased RF2K-S amplifiers from DX Engineering that are still under the one-year warranty can receive service from Island Amplifier USA.  For information, contact John Stanford, KF6I, wb8svn @, (714) 412-7399. Visit Island Amplifier USA’s website at

About DX Engineering

DX Engineering has been a leading manufacturer and retailer of amateur radio gear for more than 20 years. Headquartered in Tallmadge, Ohio, the company carries thousands of products, including transceivers, antennas, towers, amplifiers, CW equipment, and coaxial cables. Staffed by active ham radio operators, DX Engineering prides itself on providing both new and experienced operators with knowledgeable customer/technical support in all aspects of the hobby, from Digital to EmComm, contesting to DXing.

About RF-KIT

Headquartered in Grafenberg, Germany, RF-KIT is widely recognized for its high-performance power amplifiers—made for hams by hams. The success of the B26-PA RF1K2 amplifier led to the creation of the company and the development of the legal-limit B26-PA RF2K​+ model. The solid state RF2K-S (1.8-30 MHz and 50-54.2 MHz) is the company’s latest amplifier, featuring low-noise fans, dual LDMOS devices rated at 3,400 watts, and silent and fast PIN diode switching.

About Island Amplifier USA

Island Amplifier USA was founded by John Stanford, KF6I, in 2014. Island Amplifier USA offers BEKO Elektronik Sales and Service for U.S., Canada and Central America and now as well for RF-KIT; Island Amplifier offers professional HF amplifier repair service as well as restoration products to extend the life of legacy ALPHA ETO AMPLIFIERS.

Software Release G73C94

RF2K-S SW G73C94 Release information and upgrade procedure

We would like to inform you that we released G73C94 which you can online upgrade starting later today.

Release features:

  • Changed antenna selection.
    Now you can assign more than one antenna per band.

    Last used antenna will be used returning to the band.
  • Changed antenna selection on main display.
  • Implemented support of an external antenna switch.
    Supporting up to 16 antennas with stored tuner values..
  • Changed some naming in the menu structure
  • Reset button will turn red when error
  • Sleep Timer implemented
  • Display On/Off implemented
    This feature came too late for the documentation but is a kind of self-explaining.
  • Minor bug fixing


Also today we release the updated User Manual in German and English (can befound in Docu aera).

Some of the features out of the last SW release were not described in the user manual, so it was time to do some work on documentation as well.

Joerg DF9LJ did a video about his antenna switching using the external antenna switch feature.

I recommend to watch that video for a better understanding about the new feature.

Upgrade procedure:

This upgrade may be installed using the built in update function.

What’s next?

  • Band Data output
  • Cross needle power meter
  • Contest display
    Minimum info and control of the RF2K-S to fit on a busy display.
  • +++++

Have fun

Vy73 de DH3NAB

Reinhard and team

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