All who have received the RF2K+ controller upgrade KIT.

Due to a missing jumper on the new controller your RF2+ will behave as an RF2K-S with fast TX switching.

The fast TX switching will end up in Hot Switching and will destroy you amp !!


Please ensure you’ll perform an online update before you use your upgraded RF2K+

Minimum SW version is G92C110
SW version can be seen on bottom right on the main display

Bottom left on main display you must see “B26 RF2K+ “



Beside the described Jumper settings in the upgrade procedure you MUST SET JUMPER “C” else you’ll not be on the RF2K+ SW.

Jumper C was not delivered with the already shipped KIT and you can solder the pins together if you don’t have any spare jumper.

Next delivery ( not packet jet delivery ) will have the jumper.


Please apologize for the late change.


Reinhard DH3NAB