rf2k s

The new version B26-PA RF2K-S 

The RF-Kit B26-PA RF2K-S comes at first as a kit. In this case Kit does not mean that you get 100 plastic bags with individual parts, you need to assemble and solder boards, drill housing parts or connect the PA.

The PA kit is always delivered as an almost finished device. To make the kit an operational device, it is necessary to obtain a Raspberry® Pi 4 - 2GB and a power cord. All other necessary parts such as 1 x coaxial cable, power plug, USB cable, HDMI cable and micro SD card are included in the scope of delivery.

To finish the kit the Raspberry has to be installed (spacers are already mounted for this purpose and also the necessary fixing screws are included). Connect the supplied USB and HDMI cables, solder in the coaxial cable. Thereafter, commissioning takes place with the necessary calibration / setting.

No special tools are necessary for all this work. Screwdrivers, soldering iron, DVM, Ampere meter / current clamp and RF power meter are everything.

If you have any questions, please contact RF-Kit and a very large community at Groups.io with more than 1400 members. A current version of the operating instructions is also available there at any time.

A micro SD card is included. Since the PA has a LAN port for possible "remote operation", the operating software can also be downloaded from the Internet, and always updated with the availability of a new version.


General Features:

  • Frequency Range:   1.8-30 MHz and 50-54 MHz

  • RF-Output:   1500 Watts (... with headroom)

  • Exciter Drive Level:   50

  • Efficiency:   up to 70% varies by band

  • Dual LDMOS devices rated at 3400 Watts

  • TX/RX switching: <1mS PIN-Diode switching (for real fast QSK without relay noise)

  • internal Automatic Antenna Tuner ( unlimited Memories )
    - can match up to 3:1 SWR

  • Tuner can store values for the 4 internal antennas and up to 16 external antennas

  • 1X TRX and 4x Antenna build in
    - 16 External antennas using an external antenna switch

  • Excellent signal quality

  • -55 dB output for Predistortion

  • 7-inch Color Touch Screen

  • Multiple user displays selectable  

  • Very silent operation due to speed controlled low noise fans

  • very fast RF Sens, even fast enough for high-spedd CW and QSK

  • YAESU® Band Data output for external devices

  • CAT Connectivity through USB

  • CAT through IP ( UDP )

  • TCI Interface for SunSDR

  • LAN Connectivity (for remote access via Internet)

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity ( Client mode )

  • Power Meter from 1 W through 3 KW

  • free Software Update via Internet

  • Remote Internet operation via PC, Tablet or cell phone- supports platforms such Apple IOS®, Android®, Linux® and Windows®

  • External Power/ON applying +12V

  • Sleep mode for low power consumption

  • Quiet Internal PSU 90-290 V/AC / 1 Phase

  • Dimensions HWD: 7,4 x 12,2 x 16,7 inch. / 19 x 31 x 42,5 cm

  • Weight: 35,2 lbs / 16 Kg

  • FCC ID:  2AW84RF2K-S

Join the RF2K user group at Groups.io