RF2K-S SW G92C112 Release information and upgrade procedure


We would like to inform you that we needed to release a bug fix SW updae which is mandatory to all RF2K-S and RF2K+ with new controller.

Release features:

Bug fix for SW identification of RF2K-S and RF2K+
To identify the version of your amp we introduced jumper C on the controller.
During boot up the SW is reading the status of this jumper and behaves like an RF2K-S or RF2K+
Timing issue in the controller could boot your RF2K-S  as an RF2K+ which is incorrect.
We fixed the issue and it has been tested by Betta Tester as well.

  • Upgrade procedure:

This update can be installed using the build in update function.

What’s next?

  • Amplifier TCI command structure extension as there are no TCI or CAT commands defined for amplifier.
  • Updating User Manuals to include latest changes.


Vy73 de Reinhard DH3NAB