RF2K-S SW G82C100 Release information and upgrade procedure

We would like to inform you that we released G82C100 which you can online upgrade starting today.

With this release we completed all promised features and even more.
Some of the already implemented features we’ll be revisited and improved in the future.
We’ll not stop making the RF2K one of the most advanced amplifier.

Release features:

  • Implemented Cross needle display
    You can switch between the displays just touch the power reading area

  • Implemented Contest Display.
    Contest Display can be selected in Menu Display Type.

    You can size the display with VNC to a much smaller area of your PC display
    and still have the most important information visible.
    You might change your VNC Scaling to your needs

  • Implemented display parameter in in Linux config.sys
    This should fix the issue with black screen after booting up the amp

  • Implemented Tuner Off on a per band base
    You can now select on which band you like to use the build in tuner on a per band base.

    This way you don’t have to store bypass for any given band you don’t need the tuner.
    The RF-KIT Logo is displayed in the Tuner area clearly indicating that the tuner is of.

  • Implemented Band Data output on the DB-15 connector

  • Minor bug fixing

Upgrade procedure:

Due to some changes in the Linux system you need to reboot the RF2K-S twice.
Just follow the instruction on the display.

What’s next?

  • TCI interface Integration together with SUNSDR
    Go all IP.
  • +++++

Have fun

Vy73 de DH3NAB

Reinhard and team