RF2K-S SW G91C109 Release information and upgrade procedure


We would like to inform you that we released G91C109 which you can online upgrade starting today July 30.

With this release RF2K-S and RF2K+ with controller upgrade are the first amplifier who supports Expert Electronics SunSDR TCI command structure.


Release features:

  • SunSDR TCI support with frequency taken from EESDR
    The Host IP address to use is not the SunSDR radio but the IP address of you PC with EESDR

  • 6m Tuner usage now possible
    On 6m most antennas are mono-band antennas and don’t need much tuning. Therefor only manual tuning is possible on 6 with limited L and C combination. Up to 255nH and 51pF are allowed. Due to the 100kHZ segmentation just a few settings are need to be stored to cover the 6 band.

  • On QSY Tuner will go automatically in AUTO if in MAN.

  • Minor bug fixing

Upgrade procedure:

This update can be installed using the build in update function.

Once upgraded you need to install TCI in the Interface / TCI - Menu


What’s next?

  • Amplifier TCI command structure extension as there are no TCI or CAT commands defined for amplifier.
  • Updating User Manuals to include latest changes.


At this point I would like to say thank you to the Expert Electronic team for their very professional support to get to this stage.

I also wish all SunSDR users fun with the new feature.


Vy73 de DH3NAB

Reinhard and team