RF2K-S SW G73C94 Release information and upgrade procedure

We would like to inform you that we released G73C94 which you can online upgrade starting later today.

Release features:

  • Changed antenna selection.
    Now you can assign more than one antenna per band.

    Last used antenna will be used returning to the band.
  • Changed antenna selection on main display.
  • Implemented support of an external antenna switch.
    Supporting up to 16 antennas with stored tuner values..
  • Changed some naming in the menu structure
  • Reset button will turn red when error
  • Sleep Timer implemented
  • Display On/Off implemented
    This feature came too late for the documentation but is a kind of self-explaining.
  • Minor bug fixing


Also today we release the updated User Manual in German and English (can befound in Docu aera).

Some of the features out of the last SW release were not described in the user manual, so it was time to do some work on documentation as well.

Joerg DF9LJ did a video about his antenna switching using the external antenna switch feature.

I recommend to watch that video for a better understanding about the new feature.


Upgrade procedure:

This upgrade may be installed using the built in update function.

What’s next?

  • Band Data output
  • Cross needle power meter
  • Contest display
    Minimum info and control of the RF2K-S to fit on a busy display.
  • +++++

Have fun

Vy73 de DH3NAB

Reinhard and team