Time to send a short update about what’s going on at RF-KIT


RF2K-S production


Over the last year we, as well as others, did have many issues acquiring components. We are happy to secured all needed components for the next few hundred RF2K-S productions. Plan is to shorten our delivery time to 6 weeks when cached up with the backlog.



  • We attended Hamcation 2023
  • RF-KIT will attend Hamvention 2023
    We look forward to meet you at our booth 3901 and 3902
  • We’ll attend Ham Radio 2023 in Friedrichshafen 23-25 June



ARRL have chosen the RF2K-S for W1AW studio 1
Two RF2K-S are delivered and installed at W1AW

I guess you all have seen the RF2K-S product review in October 2022 QST
If not, here is a link to the review



  • RF2K-S is again on the biggest Cruise Ship in the world.
    Jean-Paul XE1C who was using his RF2K-S on “Harmony of the Seas” last year cruising in the Mediterranean Sea took his RF2K-S back home to Mexico after his assignment.
    On his new assignment he bought a second RF2K-S and the RF2K-S is again on the biggest Cruise Ship.

  • We do see more contest station who move towards the RF2K-S
    Product stability and features is what contesters like about the RF2K-S

  • VY1AAA/ VY1AA Jay is also happy with the RF2K-S at his remote station for the NW territory section NT

  • D4C Monteverde Contest Team Club also moved to the RF2K-S

We do appreciate that the RF-KIT has such high attention.
As of today we have more then 1808 members

We from the RF-KIT team do appreciate how HAM's do help each other on B26

       Real Ham sprit !

Service center

Due to the many RF-KIT amplifier we delivered to the US we decided to
have a second USA repair center.

Gary K0GX will handle out of warranty repair beside John KF6I from Island amplifier.

All warranty repair need to go to John KF6I at Island Amplifier

Lee VK3GK is our sales and service center for Oceania

Europe and rest of the world is still handled by RF-KIT Germany



Reinhard DH3NAB and team