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From 1.5 to 1K5 Power on all bands from 160m to 10m




We used the time and experience of our first HF Amplifier project ( B26-RF01) to develop new features and improved components.

Outcome of our research and development is a 2xLDMOS HF Pallet in the range of 2500Watt.

This is the first 2500 Watt HF commercial produced HF Pallet you can buy on the market.





This board includes a number of additional supervision circuits and censoring which work perfectly together with our B26-RF01 controller. It’s easy to use the board with any other controller or a homemade control.

The new features provide additional security and makes it much more reliable than standard LDMOS amplifier pallets.

Following LDMOS can be used: BLF188XR; BLF578; MRFE6VP61K25 as well as other LDMOS even with lower power.





·        HF Pallet RF2K5 technical specification:


·        Operating voltage 48V nom.( max. 55V ) → Connection through screws on the board

·        Current max. 60A

·        Operating temperature range 0-70 °C

·        Storage temperature range -30 to +90 °C

·        50 Ohm SMA Input

·        50 Ohm Output; Solder connection

·        2000 Watt Output on all bands from 160m-10m 2K5 max.

·        1,5Watt input >=1500 Watt output.

·        Max. 3 Watt Input - max. 2500 Watt Output

·        Load Mismatch : 65:1 (all phase angle)

·        IMD3>= 30dBc at 1K5 Watt

·        3rd Harmonic Suppression >=13dB

·        Separate Boas control for the 2 LDMOS.

·        Input power peek protection ( TRX overshoot protection )

·        Adjustable current limiting from 25A to 70A

·        Adjustable output power through current limiting from 1000W to max. 2500 Watt

·        High Temperature switch off  > 70 Grad

·        Overvoltage protection > 70V

·        Short circuit protection

·        Current sensor on board, who works perfectly with the B26-RF01 controller.

·        Voltage sensor on board who works perfectly with the B26-RF01 controller.

·        50V On/OFF on board. Can be controlled with 12V Bias switching

·        Temperature sensor to measure the heat think temperature. Input to he controller for fan speed regulation’s and high temperature switch off.

·        Usage of commercial high quality ATC capacitor in the high power area.

·        LDMOS Type who can be used: BLF188XR; BLF578; Freescale MRFE6VP61K25, and other LDMOS with the same mechanical layout.

·        Commercial grade manufactured.

·         Pallet color: red





The first two boards are tested and did pass all tests.

Commercial SMD production is ongoing.

With our own HF Pallet we are now independent from suppliers who do not always fulfill their promises and meet commitments.

To ensure that 2K5 Watt can be handled within a solid state amplifier we’ll develop further components to provide you an E2E solution.

Information’s will be posted at www.rf-kit.de



Order and delivery:

Orders are taken as of now.

Place orders at: reinhard@rf-kit.de

Price: 333,00 € + 19% Vat. 63,27€    Total= 396,27 €

Delivery:         We do delver worldwide.
Delivery cost will be calculated individually.

Delivery Time: First delivery will be at Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen.

RF2KR HF Pallet will be delivered without LDMOS.
On request we can offer BLF188XR.


I would like to thank all OM’s who contributed to the success of this project.

A special “thank you” to Michael DL9ECA for his contribution.

Vy73 de DH3NAB