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B26 RF 2k+ Kit

News from RF-KIT

B26 RF-2K+ complete kit ready to deliver



Friends of the B26 RF PA!

The growing demand for parts – as happy as we are about it – has put some challenges on us with regards to packaging and shipment. This is why we changed our strategy to make life easier – for us as well as all of you. We are happy to proudly announce the availability of the B26 RF-2K+ as a kit. The kit will replace the availability of single parts going forward.

Now what’s the difference between the parts delivered up to now and the PA kit?

1.       The PA is already fully built mechanically (i.e. all mechanical work like drilling holes or threading is already done in a very professional manner)

2.      The PA comes pre-cabled and the only thing to be completed is the RF cabling

Two options of the kit will be available:

o   without tuner

o   with automatic tuner

The kit does NOT include:

1.       Raspberry 3 – this can be purchased in so many places and probably you will find a good price for it locally. It gives no sense  to rout the Raspberry3 through us.


2.       Fans – and this is because the fans you are using depend strongly on your usage pattern of the PA.
- Using max Power a lot (for example for RTTY) you probably go for stronger fans, which are also noisier
- for normal QSO operation you can choose silent fans for a convenient noise ambience
2 x 120mm and 1x 80mm fans are required.
The place to install the fans is easily accessible and hence installation should be no problem.


The new kit is making life and logistics a lot easier and the best part is that the final assembly is possible within a day.

You start in the morning assembling the kit and in the evening you are QRV with the B26 RF-2k+.


What is part of the B26 RF-2K+ Kit

-          Mechanically placed in the well-known and proven housing (all holes and opening are laser-cut)

-          Built-in PSU 3kW

-          Built-in PSU +5V, +-12V

-          Relay-PCB for 1TRX IN and 4 antenna OUT

-          High-accuracy power measurement (with new specifically developed coupler) by early 2017. We’ll deliver an interims coupler free for all orders prior to availability.)

-          RF2K+ PA module with 2x BLF188XR fully furnished and BIAS calibrated
(built on copper-plate and well-dimensioned heat-sink for this PA)

-          B26 RF01 Controller V3 (controls all functions and processes in conjunction with Arduino and Raspberry Pi)

-          Software on SD-card for Raspberry 3

-          7“ Touch Display installed

-          Housingpre-furnished for LPF and tuner boards

-          Set of RF cables to finish the PA cabling

-          Documentation (manuals, screenshots, pictures, notes) available in the project Yahoo group

-          Software updates available through Internet.


What remains to be done

  • Purchase Raspberry and install in housing
  • Purchase fans and install in housing
  • RF cabling (relay-PCB IN → PA module → LPF → (Tuner) → relay-PCB OUT)


Hopefully you like the new step we are taking here, even if it means less work for one or the other.

It still remains enough work to be done to help understanding your PA, which comes in handy when you want to make changes or want to fix things.