The new precise RF-KIT SWR Bridge 


We developed our own SWR Bridge. The bridge is a part (mounted ) of our ATU Automatic Antenna Tuner
Here are the main specification highlights:

  • Frequency Range from 1.8 to 70MHz
  • Measurement dynamic > 40 dB
  • power measurement from  300 mW to 3 KW 
  • Accuracy +-0.1dB given by the At8307 device
  • 12V Operating voltage

Due to the flexible design, the RF-KIT SWR Bridge can be adjusted to measure from -50dBm up to 64,7dBm with a dynamic range of up to 45 dB and an accuracy of +-0.1dB. 

This makes RF-KIT SWR Bridge flexible to be used in many applications.
Output voltage per dB can be adjusted from 100mV up to 1V per 10dB based on you needs.
The SWR Bridge is not a stand-alone product. It will be a part of our Automatic Antenna Tuner 2K5