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Short overview

  • Input power too high (adjustable)
  • SWR (PA switches off at SWR> 2,5)
  • Performance PA module out and LPF out have too much deviation ... If the difference is greater than 30%, the PA is switched off, as LPF problems are to go out
  • Stepless fan control for PA fans and LPF / tuner fans
  • Temperature monitoring: PA switches off at> 70 degrees
  • Sequencer for powerless switching of the relays
  • ATU control with 10 memory banks per antenna
  • ATU can be bypassed ...
  • controller is developt by RF-Kit  and has a Ardunio Mega┬« as central CPU ( also a Raspberry┬« 3 is used in B26-PA )

All related doucuments and pictures you will found in B26-PA group at Groups.io Download aera