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PA048 (June 23rd 2016 - first Version for RaspberryPI 3)

  • Version for RaspberryPi 3
  • improoved some Statusmessages

PA047 (June 3rd 2016 - last Version for BananaPI ... Bugfixes still possible)

  • works with 1k5 and 2k5 Modules
  • You can use ├╝ther modules for SWR, too
  • 40/80A Sensor can now have an offset
  • Final Version for Banana-PI (further development only for RaspberryPI 3)

PA046 (April 3rd 2016)

  • minor changes

PA045 (January 16th 2016)

  • ICOM control modified
  • PTT-sequence modified
  • remooved incorrect error message "damaged Filterboard"
  • In Standard-Display SWR-meter showed a value 18.6% too low - corrected
  • PTT shows a red "ON AIR" ... BIAS_ON makes it yellow
  • Graphic-error when calling Menu corrected
  • ATU: "Bypass" switches from "Auto" to "Man"
  • ATU: after tuning the normal schematic is always displayed

PA044 (December 22th 2015)

  • special update for Huawei PSU

PA043 (December 14th 2015)

  • Voltage and Current control with correct readings
  • Current control on classic screen with realistic damping
  • Update for ATU with "bad" antennas

PA042 (intern)

  • smaller improovements for smoother running ;-)
  • Voltagecontrol
  • Currentcontrol

PA041 (November 15th 2015)

  • complete image

PA040 (September 2015)

  • Completed (like in manual)

PA036 (Juli 2015)

  • raw final

PA035 (June 2015)

  • Cross Needle now normal AND inverted
  • Tuner-memory works

  • change in K-relais default

PA034 (PA034) (May  21st 2015)

  • Timer runs too in "Operate"-Mode.
  • Automatic Tunen only in "Standby"-Modus. If Operate is ON it will be suspended while tuning.
  • Manual Tuning works only in "Standby"-Mode.
  • AutoTune is possible through a Tuner-connectiong.
  • Toggeling between Antenne1 and Antenne2 not while transmitting.
  • Faster Tuning. (new alogrithmus)
  • Improoved "Peak-Hold".
  • Instruments: wrong values now corrected.

PA033 (May 1st 2015)

  • Bug in Remote : Cross Needle meter does no longer vanish.
  • Output Power in no longer read from ATU_out. Thus PAs without a Tuner work correctly.

PA032 (PA030) (April 2015)

  • first Beta-Version and Basicversion.